Organize Your Training For Maximum Results With This 4-Day Muscle-Building Workout Schedule

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Is the best way to structure your weight training something you are struggling with? Do you wish to have the rock hard muscles that you see on professionals, but do not know where to start? Do you simply need the right advice to go along with your hardcore work ethic and training style? If this is you, read on. Although it’s hard you’ll find that the best workout schedule for building muscles in not all that long, complicated or time-consuming.

Bodybuilding magazines will tell you how many reps to do, but you must listen to your own body. Although it isn’t what really counts getting a pump is great and it sure is important to figure out how many reps you’re going to do. You must get stronger to build massive muscles. A workout schedule that focuses on strength on the basic movements is therefore the best for building muscle.

That’s right, the squat, it really is the king of all exercises, and if you’re not doing it, you’re not making the most of your time in the gym. Squats not only give you big legs, they also give you bigger muscles.

On your squat day, start out by warming up as much as you need to with light weight or even just an empty bar. Rest, lower the weights down and do 8-10 reps; then lower it again and do 15-20 reps. If you really dig deep and work through the burn you’ll amaze yourself with how many reps you can get. Your best bets are the leg press, weighted sit-up and your favorite calves exercise, pick 2-3 movements that build you legs and lower body, after squatting.

It’s true you need to focus on squatting first and foremost if you want to get big, but everybody wants a big bench! There is nothing wrong with the bench press which is good for strengthening the upper torso to build the pecs, shoulders and triceps.

Do your bench day much like your squat day; increase weight until you can only crank out about 5 reps. Considering your starting point, you should do at least a total of 3 to 4 sets. Take as much rest as you need between these sets, and always use a spotter! If preformed on you own, the bench press can be a dangerous movement.

After you finish the flat bench press, move on to using an inclined bench. If you’re really fatigued from the first exercise you can use dumbbells, a barbell or even a machine. Good choices for triceps are skull crushers and press-downs, and the best exercises for your shoulders are front, side, and rear dumbbell raises.

Unfortunately, too many people create an exercise program to become stronger where they don’t include doing deadlifts. This is a huge mistake, after the squat, the deadlift is the best movement for overall muscle mass development. It will give you a huge, thick back from top to bottom and a massive set of hamstrings.

There is no better way to do the deadlift than with a lot of weight, and you will be stunned by how much you can lift if you do it with everything you’ve got. Rip that weight off the floor by taking a narrow stance and a strong, alternated grip. Lift the heaviest set about five times as well as your standard lifts. At this point, decide if your back is up for it or not, and if so continue with an additional set using a lower weight but more reps. To tell the truth, you are bound to gain muscle as you finish these two sets.

If there’s one body part that truly makes a lifter look big, strong, and powerful, it’s the upper back. Having wide laterals and imposing traps makes you not only domineering, it helps your bench press.

Barbell rows are a good way to start an upperback workout. Be sure to warm up, then (with belt and straps for support as needed) work towards two or three sets of ten to twelve reps each. It’s okay to use a little bit of body English and swing in the movement as long as you feel your lats doing most of the work. This is the focus of your workout, so keep working at it.

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