Is Attorney Conduct Only Important in his Field

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It is understandable the Bar Associations desire outstanding conduct by Attorneys in the performance of their Profession? What about outside of their profession? What if an Attorney performs reprehensible, but legal, actions dealing both with the public and outside business endeavors?

I have a dilemma that I feel would would be of interest to the Bar if he had performed these actions in his law practice. My complaint is of emails sent to me after he became disenchanted with a hiring situation we were attempting to structure.

I am making no undocumented accusations against as I am simply responding to the vicious, unprovoked emails I still have on my computer. It is not the exact case but it is almost if Mr.Fox made the rounds of the Group homes, housing the developmentally disabled announcing that he was so much smarter than they were!

My daughter is developmentally disabled and his attitude is if I were not so stupid, I would be able to afford her many thousands in support. I am retired 10 years, 76 years old and in Mensa with an I.Q. of 141 and he tries to shame me because that is such a low I.Q. I notice he never quotes his I.Q.

I am trying to finance her with a small contributions website at

It will be finished in the next couple of days.

This is totally tax deductible and benefits the greatest group home in the United states. She is being forcefully financially removed after 17 years.

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