Do You Understand Your Customers?

If you lack this understanding of your customers, it’s highly likely because you are blocked somewhere in your own life. Let me give you an example.

In a recent session with a new supervisee she announced counselling skills course she’d been having supervision but all her supervisor was informing her was that she was doing the decent thing. Nonetheless her confusion and disappointment with her practice was growing and growing. She wondered whether she’d just as well admit that she was never cut out for this job. Others appeared to be getting on ok. Why wasn’t she? She was feeling more disempowered and unable to realise why her clients weren’t responding to her interventions how she expected them to. A growing sense of losing control over her sessions and the resulting stress about that was getting her down.

Peeling back the layers on this disclosed that her very own history was still very much underpinning her beliefs and perspective to her clients. Her habits were to not feel and so to not understand why her clients felt so much. Hence her disappointment. ‘If I’m applying this or that methodology, speculation goes, they should get better’, was her lament. However , she was translating their emotionality as failure, and then without knowing the right way to guide the sessions from there on.

If only all things in life ran according to concept or plan! What do you do when your client goes ‘off piste’? Where are your own private blocks and habits interfering with your care? How important is your own personal development to that of your customers?

Jenny Lynn is a hypnotherapy trainer and product creator.

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