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Genealogists and family history researchers are well aware of how tedious and challenging tracing ones family tree is. Tasks like these aren’t exactly what you might consider easy, especially without having any experience or the proper resources to do the job correctly and accurately. For a state that is ranked no.1 in the country in terms of the total population, California presents a variety of challenges when it comes to acquiring California marriage records and other vital information. Without any idea as to which department or agency to go to for such records, you probably won’t go far with your research.

Sifting through dusty paperwork and old documents can be very frustrating, especially when you find out that you’re missing key documents for your research. In situations like these, having some kind of idea when and where the event actually happened can be of great advantage as it can help narrow down your search significantly.

When it comes to marriage records, the state has actually been documenting such events for more than 150 years. It was in the year 1850 when the state of California began keeping records of such events. To this day, the California Department of Public Health’s Office of Vital Records is responsible for the proper storage and maintenance of all vital information in the state. So if you find yourself in a situation where you need access to someone’s marital records, visiting this office would be a good first step.

Furthermore, the local county health office is also authorized to issue certified copies of California marriage records and other vital information. In fact, this is probably a much quicker method compared to other options, assuming of course that you know which county the couple was married. And since these kinds of records are considered by the state of California as public domain, you most likely won’t have any trouble acquiring the public records that you need for your research.

During the pre-Internet era, acquiring such kind of information can present certain challenges. To put it bluntly, getting hold of accurate and reliable vital information in those days is much harder than pulling teeth. Keep in mind that we’re talking about millions of records here. Without any prior knowledge about the couple or the individual whose marital records you’re trying to access, you could be up to your neck in old documents and dust particles.

Luckily, with the significant advancement of information technology and the birth of the Internet, people can now easily obtain any kind of information online. And with the emergence of online record providers, individuals who are involved in genealogy now have a variety of sources that they can depend on for marriage records and other forms of vital information. For a relatively cheap one-time fee, you will get unrestricted access to the site’s database. And with a wide-ranging database that is both accurate and up-to-date, visiting any other website for additional information will seem unreasonable.

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