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When it comes to the treatment of public records, the state of Florida’s 18 million inhabitants can tell you that the state’s information services are relatively more lenient than the other states in the country. In fact, the state has given its residents easier access to vital information like Florida marriage records and divorce reports. With that said, a lot of people are actually impressed with the state’s treatment towards the proper dissemination of the abovementioned documents.

Obtaining information about marriage license records in the state of Florida can be done through various means, which includes church registers, county offices, government information services and of course, the Internet. Records of marriages that occurred from June 6th 1927 up to the present are only available at the Florida Department of Health’s Office of Vital Statistics in Jacksonville.

Under the state of Florida’s vital records law, the public has the right to access records pertaining to marriage and divorce reports without restrictions or limitations provided that the applicant follows the policies set by the state government. Doing a marriage records search in the sunshine state is really not that problematic. What makes it a bit challenging is when the records you are looking for are not available at the state’s vital records database. This usually means that the event didn’t take place under the state’s jurisdiction.

As previously mentioned, the Office of Vital Statistics is only responsible for Florida marriage records that are dated on or after the 6th of June 1927. Any existing records that were documented prior to the abovementioned date falls under the jurisdiction of the county court clerk’s office where the event has occurred. This is why it is essential to learn which county the subject of your research got their marriage license from. Without such knowledge, getting copies of marriage records that are as old as the Titanic, will be quite a challenge.

Fortunately though, the arrival of the Internet has significantly changed the way we gather information. Unlike in the past, acquiring any type of information these days will no longer require copious amounts of time, money and effort. The Internet has essentially made things a whole lot easier. When it comes to obtaining vital records, there are plenty of online record providers to choose from. The tricky part is choosing a reliable commercial record provider that can serve as your main source of vital record information.

Opting for commercial record providers as your main source of information is not a bad idea at all, especially for seasoned researchers and genealogists. With a database that is both inclusive and up-to-date, you can never go wrong with a one-time payment option. When you conduct a marriage records search, you can even choose the nationwide search option if you’re not certain which state the couple got married in. And as far as results are concerned, the data that is generated by the search is just as accurate and reliable as any.

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