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If you have a Scorpio boyfriend, you’ve paired up with one of the passionate signs of the Zodiac. He won’t just be passionate in love and lust. His passion spreads to everything he does. He’ll be passionate about all of his interests, his job, his work and play, and if he loves you, your Scorpio boyfriend will be passionate about keeping you happy.

Scorpio’s are driven, but they know how to balance work and play most of the time. Scorpios tend to be more impatient that some other signs, too. While a Capricorn man might make a long-reaching plan and be content to plod away toward the goal, knowing he’s achieving it little by little, a Scorpio man would rather make one broad leap toward the end.

Scorpios also love luxury. Especially if he hasn’t much in his life, once he discovers the little things that make a person feel pampered, he won’t want to be without them. Eating at nicer restaurants, seeing movies in a better theater with larger more comfy seats and better sound-these little things are important to him.

One of the drawbacks of this love of luxury is a Scorpio’s tendency to go to extremes and excess. Sometimes a Scorpio boyfriend can appear greedy when it comes to food, drink or anything else that can be taken to an extreme. Overdoing it is a hallmark of being born during this sun sign.

The Scorpio is represented by a scorpion, and we all know that scorpions have pincers and stingers in their tails. So watch out when Scorpios get angry! While many are slow to really get angry, once they lose their temper it’s well and truly lost.

Some Scorpios actually have very short tempers and stay angry for a long time as well. But most Scorpios, just as they take other things to excess, can stay angry for huge amounts of time over small things. A Scorpio can hold a grudge for a lifetime.

Your Scorpio boyfriend will also have a very fine-tuned sense of reality. So don’t bother trying to trick him or fool him, because he’ll probably see right through it. Some Scorpios seem to have built-in lie detectors or those proverbial eyes in the backs of their heads.

A Scorpio’s sense of truth often leads to them being very blunt. Many are unflinching when it comes to things like death and dying, with black humor and gallows humor being a Scorpio favorite.

If you’re a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, you have the best compatibility. Those are earth signs, while a Scorpio is a water sign. If you’re a Cancer or a Pisces, both water signs like Scorpio, you should be compatible, too.

That’s not say another sign of the Zodiac can’t have a successful relationship with a Scorpio. But there might be more challenges along the way than if you were each more compatible signs. No matter what sign you are, if you really want to make thing work with your Scorpio boyfriend, you can!

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