Hypnosis — Some Facts

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Hypnosis is one of the most debated upon and controversial topics. Unlike the popular belief hypnosis can not make you do anything you don’t want to do. It was widely believed that hypnotists can turn people into robotic creatures ready to obey their master’s order. But against all this cinematic notions, hypnotism cannot force anyone to do things against their will. You will still maintain your principles; Your sense of right and wrong will remain intact. Nobody can make you strip in front of a crowd – unless you want to. The hypnotist can only make suggestions that can alter your consciousness, making you more open and easily “manipulated” – to a certain extent.

People who have experienced stage hypnotism said that they can refuse to follow the hypnotist’s suggestions, just that “it’s easier to follow him.” This is so because the active, aggressive, decision-making part of the consciousness becomes timid when under a trance. So it is “easier” to just automatically respond to suggestions. To some extent, the hypnotist can control the actions and the way his subjects behave. Conversely, the effect of hypnosis also depends upon your motivation, willingness, and faith to make it work for you.You need only to be relaxed, aware, and willing to be hypnotized. Of course, the effects of hypnosis can rely on the hypnotist’s ability and experience; as well as the motivation and mental conditioning of the subject.

People who are under hypnosis sometime appear like they are dreaming. But the fact is they are not. when people are under hypnosis, rather than sleeping, they are actually fully alert. In fact, more alert than normal. Being under hypnotism requires your mind to focus intensely, whether it’s the swinging motion of the pendulum clock, the monotone pattern of the hypnotist’s voice, and the sound of your own breathing as you relax. For your subconscious to take over, you need to concentrate intently. Under a state of trance, you will still be fully aware of the
things you will be saying and doing, as suggested upon by the hypnotist – including activities not related to sleeping, such as walking, running around, reading, laughing, and even acting like a chicken.

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