Gaining your ultimate mind power from reading the secrets book

If you could raise the amount of your brain by just a measly five percent you would be right up there with the great minds of all time and have ultimate mind power. Einstein, Hawking, Newton, Michelangelo and the other great thinkers and doers. Meditate on that for a few seconds.

That would be awesome wouldn’t it? You as one of the most intellectually gifted people on the face of the earth. What would you do with all of that brain and mind power and do it fast?

Could you have more money?
Could you provide better for your family?
Would you have a better personal life?
Could you have more friends?
Could you have everything you ever wanted?
Could you have everything you ever wished for?

The answer to all of the above is YES. Just learning how to use your mind can give you a big boost over those who don’t know how so learn about the ultimate mind power now.

Do you believe in mind power or do you think having quantum mind power is just a bunch of hooey. Do you believe in the universal mind or infinite mind, the subconscious mind or do you just think these are mind power secrets you can never learn? Do you think the secrets book, positive affirmations or using lucid dreams or learning to develop intuition is all new age mumbo jumbo? What if I told you some people think this is what the ending of the Mayan age in 2012 is about, that the new age we enter in Dec. 2012 will be of the mind and all it’s wonderful powers. The metaphysical realm that a lot of people refuse to believe, exists. You can check out the individual links or visit the site at

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