Daily Affirmations With Mind Power Will Fulfill Your Biggest Dreams

Do you have any fears and phobias like the fear of driving, a fear of failure, heights, commitment or other fears that may lurk in your subconscious mind? Could you use the universal mind, sometimes called the infinite mind, or your own mind power to overcome these fears? Some of these fears may be caused by subliminal messages that you can learn to control using your ultimate mind power.

Have you ever tried using daily affirmations like what are taught in the secrets book. Wealth affirmations or money affirmations have worked for me and for many other people. Keeping up with your brain fitness will help you if you want to develop intuition, have super mind power or want to learn how to control someones mind. Using your quantum mind power or the mind power secrets you can learn how to reach enlightenment very easily. If you don’t think your mind is capable of any of these things you really need to read this page on the placebo effect and learn what you really can do with your mind.

Scientists and Doctors say we only use nine to eleven percent of our brains or mental power. Just think how much better your life could be if you learned to use just five percent more of your mental faculties.

As an example lets say you have an Intelligence Quotient(IQ) of 120 and you are using ten percent of your mental power. That IQ would put you above average by itself. In case you didn’t know, an average IQ is around 100 or so.

If you could learn to use just another two percent of your mind power or your mind you could possibly be as smart as a person with an IQ of 144. That’s above genius level and would put you into the top two

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