How to Prime Your Mind to Achieve a Long-Desired and Elusive Goal

Do you have a goal that has been long-desired and elusive up to this point? Does this goal evoke more frustration than enthusiasm at least presently?

If so, here are three steps from Tony Robbins about bringing this goal within reach.

If you have a long-standing goal, you likely have the tools to make this happen. However, you are still not getting results you want.

Therefore, you are probably experiencing an internal conflict.

Initially, ask yourself if this goal is in conflict with a belief or value that you hold. Or you may be in conflict with another goal you desire.

If you take two steps forward and three back, this is a good sign you are experiencing the inner conflict of fighting parts.

Secondly, re-align your psychology so you naturally take action in the direction that feels right to you. Make a plan based on what’s important according to you, not a dusty, worn blueprint likely given to you by someone else.

As Les Brown says ” Other people’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.” Take action based you what you want your reality to be.

Lastly, celebrate your achievements and pay it forward. Be grateful in advance and do something to help someone else.

Fill your mind with the feeling that you will feel as your long-desired and elusive goal becomes your reality.

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