Why is homework important?

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As long as there has been homework around there have been students wondering exactly why they had to do that homework but learning doesn’t end when a child leaves the classroom.
When a child comes home from school the concepts he has learnt that day are still fresh in his mind. Going through those concepts, via homework assignments, acts as a refresher for the child. This way a child can retain ideas, and get into the depth of a subject.
Doing homework is also important in developing a child’s independence. By studying alone a child learns to use different reference materials such as text books, encyclopedias, and the internet.
Another skill children learn from doing homework is time management. This is done by the teacher simply putting a deadline on when the homework has to be completed for. Getting homework finished and handed in on time also increases the child’s self-discipline and sense of responsibility.
Homework helps to develop problem solving skills because you have to find ways to arrive at the right answers with no aid from the teachers.
From a teachers perspective homework allows them to keep track of a child’s progress. It allows a teacher to identify a student who is not keeping up and give them extra help as needed.

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