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Why do I ask anyone involved with selling drinks to be doing an RSA course? Check out these terrifying numbers. Around 2 billion humans consume alcohol worldwide and around 76 million of those have alcoholism or alcohol behavioural issues. It also contributes to over 1.8m deceased persons every year or 3.2 percent of our whole body count. Around 6 percent of male deaths are related to alcohol and nearly one in 10 deaths among young people aged 15 to 29 is from alcohol-related causes.

It increases the possibility that people will assault women, destroy property, kill people and so on. Nearly 71 fatalities happen every 25 hours caused by alcohol and driving and a third of those killed are children. Here’s the rub. Over 40 percent of alcoholic consumption occurs at licenced premises. We can’t only blame the individual for getting drunk, killing children, driving under the influence, raping women, urinating in public, stabbing and murdering, maiming and pillaging. A series of people decided to serve some fool too many drinks. But can we rightly blame the server?

That’s a hard question. If some poor service person does their RSA course and uses responsible service of alcohol principles, they may get the sack for underperformance. If they are not serving responsibly, they are to a degree, letting that person become drunk and in some way are a bit responsible for what they do. I’ve served in pubs and clubs and people are pretty good, they are there to relax or even cut loose and have a party, even find someone to party with…in short they are there to have fun.

Really, it’s not our job to stop people having fun. The problem is that a few patrons drink to excess and then potentially hurt other people with their cars or their fists. There is no way staff can tell the difference between someone who’s going to get blotto and do damage and someone who’s just there for some fun. Our job then is to stop serving drinks to people who have clearly had too much to drink and show it in what they say and how they act.

Luckily most workplaces back staff in these situations. Responsible service of alcohol rests on one simple concept, a duty of care. Do an RSA course and learn how to serve responsibly. But be sure it offers you a valid RSA certificate at the end. Do it online for added convenience, less travel, fewer costs and because it’s just plain easier. When checking one out be sure that it’s valid for your State because laws may vary depending on if you are in Queensland, versus say the Northern Territory or South Australia.

If you desire to do your RSA course, then Peter has you covered. His many years of experience and extensive RSA course website include everything you need to know about responsible service of alcohol.

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