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What you first need to consider following a drunk driving accident is finding a lawyer to attempt to save you. The reason why you need to get a dwi attorney is because they’ll understand what to do in order to keep you away from prison and limit the fines you get. Although lawyers are good at what they do, so are judges and it is their duty to keep people safe. Something that happens far too much is an individual that had been caused a dui accident should arrive to their 1st court hearing with no attorney and when this happens the magistrate will automatically think that they are not taking this incident as serious as they need to be. The reason why you need to understand this is because when this happens the judge will probably attempt to make an example out of you which for you will be extremely bad.

Something you must think of after a dui accident is how much damage you caused and if you’re yet going to be able to pay for those damages. The reason why one must figure this out is because most likely the magistrate is going to ask you what is going on with the damages you are responsible for and if you can honestlytell the magistrate that it is already getting taken care of then they will most likely go bit easier on you for already taking care of your responsibilities. One thing you need to know is that not all car insurance will protect against an alcohol related accident and if you have a policy like that then you have to figure something out with the person who’s property you damagedjudge way the judge does not hear that you are being sued.

As you can imagine there are many things that you need to consider and there are just as many things outside of the actual accident that still need to be taken care of. What lots of people do not realize is that when you are in a drunk drivingmagistrate dent the judge isn’t trying to punish you for what you did, the magistrate is going to punish you for a little of what you had done but most of the punishment is to stop you from making it happen once more. Do yourself and everybody surrounding you a huge favor and just do not drink and drive.

Another thing you should know regarding DUI’s is that if an officer suspects you of drinking they have the power to pull you over and ask you to take a field sobriety test. Something that you have to understand regarding taking this test is you can say, “No”. The dilemma lies in the reality that if you do say no you will be arrested for non compliance with the police officer and you’ll face added charges than just driving under the influence. My suggestion to you or anyone that ever gets pulled over is just to take a field sobriety test is to simply take it. It does not hurt to take the test because the alternative is much worse. I know the test is embarrassing when standing out in front of a bunch of people but it’s a lot less embarrassing then having to use a blood alcohol monitoring device every time you drive someplace.

The final thing I would like you to know regarding a DUI violation is that there are lots of things that can happen to you such as jail time, large fines, probation and more but the good thing is that with the right legal representation you will be able to have a lot of that stuff reduced. The one thing you should know about having jail time and stuff such as that reduced is that it’ll only happen the first time, once you’re caught driving under the influence for a next time you will be referred to as a habitual offender which means judges will surely crack down on you and make positive you never drink and drive again.

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