Using Meditation To Relieve Stress

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Meditation is a form of alternative therapy that aids relaxation and calm through the use of controlling thoughts for a period of time. Since meditation involves physical and mental relaxation, it is a good way to relieve stress and anxiety. Much research has shown that meditation works well and has positive effects for stress management.

The most notable research on meditation’s effectiveness in relieving stress was done in 1968 by Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard University. He carried out a series of experiments using simple meditation techniques and published his findings in his book “The Relaxation Response.” Dr. Benson believed that meditation increased the skin’s resistance to damage or infections, slowed down the heartbeat and breathing rate and also reduced oxygen consumption.

The act of meditation and the various meditative techniques are simple to do. Meditation is a practice that anyone can do almost anywhere.

In preparing for meditation, one should set aside a certain amount of time where you will not to be interrupted. Meditation doesn’t require hours of practicing at a time; 15 minutes per day is adequate for it to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety, ultimately creating calm.

Effective meditation requires that you are in a comfortable and quiet environment. This means that when you practice meditation, you should make sure that you wear comfortable, unrestrictive clothing. The ambient temperature should also be comfortable in order to make your meditation session as stress free as possible.

Meditation is all about concentration. Once you are comfortable, either sitting or laying, close your eyes and focus your attention on your breathing throughout, maintain this focus throughout the meditation session. Another way to control wandering thoughts is to use imagery; focus on something you consider refreshing or pleasant. Meditation music is a popular way to help the mind concentrate during meditation.

The key to meditation is mind control. Learn to control your mind allows you to control your thoughts and you’ll be able to greater control the functions of your muscles. It may takes time to learn not to let your mind wander and become distracted during a meditation session, but once you’ve mastered meditation, you will discover you’ll be able to practice almost anywhere to relax when you’re feeling overwhelmed with stress.

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