Enhance the secrets book with mind power secrets

One of the secrets is you must always state what you want in a positive manner. Never use the negative or say what you don’t want. In my 60 plus years of life, if I’ve learned on thing, it’s that it’s always better to be positive than negative. Take that to the bank, positive is always better.

Now it’s not all that easy to be positive all of the time. It takes quite a while to be able to see what you do want and be able to see it and say it in a positive way. instead of saying “I don’t want to be poor” or “I don’t want to be sick”, which are negative try saying “I am rich” or “I am healthy”. Remember, like attracts like. Healing and staying healthy is but one of the many possibilities when it comes to the law of attraction and the secrets book.

Those little positive things that you say to yourself or to others are called affirmations. Another one of the secrets you may not know is that having a good, vivid imagination is invaluable for using the law of attraction.

While you may know little about using your mind to better you life, it’s something I’ve been interested in and done research on for almost 45 years. You get the benefit of all of the reading and experiments I’ve done over the years and the ability to use these mind power secrets.

I learned that getting your emotions involved made what I knew work even better. Matter of fact it works so well I don’t “have” to work anymore. Now I do a few things on the net and spend most of my time traveling because of using these mind secrets.

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