Heart Pacemakers and Medical Alert Jewelry

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Heart pacemakers are installed in persons who experience an irregular heart rate, for whatever reason. Many people have trouble regulating their heart rate if they have recently suffered a heart attack, suffer from a birth defect that causes arrhythmia, or have had the muscles in their heart damaged or weakened for whatever other reason.

If you have an irregular heartbeat and do not get a pacemaker, you can suffer from shortness of breath, daytime fatigue, loss of energy, and a general dull and lifeless feeling. This is the result of your body not getting enough oxygen into vital areas of your body because your heart is not pumping enough blood to those areas.

Fortunately, if you suffer from any of these symptoms and you’ve recently been diagnosed with heart disease or had a heart attack, then installing a pacemaker can fix these problems completely.

A cardiac pacemaker is a device that sends small electrical signals to your heart, cueing it to beat. Your heart has a natural pacemaker as well, which serves the same purpose. All the pacemaker does is speed up your heart to ensure that it’s pumping enough blood for the entire body.

Heart pacemakers are installed in a minor surgery. They are implanted under your skin, and a series of wires is connected to your heart to regulate the pace. This surgery is considered to be a very low-risk operation, and cardiac pacemakers have been proven to be perfectly safe. Once installed, a pacemaker will last 5-10 years, depending on the battery and the brand.

Why Medical Alert Jewelry?
If you’ve had a heart pacemaker installed, one consideration you will have to make is that you’ll have to constantly wear a piece of medical alert jewelry on your body at all times. This is because devices and machines with strong magnetic fields can interfere with the operation of your pacemaker, which could cause an irregular heartbeat.

If you were to be rendered unconscious for one reason or another, and you were unable to communicate the fact that you have a pacemaker to medical personnel such as paramedics and doctors, then they may try to give you an MRI, which greatly interferes with the function of your pacemaker and could even threaten your life.

If that medical personnel were to spot your medical alert jewelry (which they are trained to look for), then they would avoid any treatments where there are known magnetic fields involved.

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