Anxiety Attacks

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The first time my friend had an anxiety attack, he truly thought that he was having a heart attack. His heart was beating fast and he could not catch his breath. He had no idea what was going on and tears were streaming down his face. Had it not been for our mutual friend who was able to calm him down, he probably would have called 911. Our mutual friend, who was more than familiar with anxiety attacks, recognized the symptoms immediately and was able to alleviate the condition within a few minutes.

Luckily, anxiety attacks don’t hit my friend too often. It is only in high times of stress or when he is emotionally distraught he feels them creeping up on him. For those of you who have experienced anxiety attacks, you know the feelings. This amazing feeling of dread and panic just takes control of your body. Your thoughts feel jumbled and maybe you can’t even focus on anything. For some, your entire body feels engulfed in sweat. For others, you are suddenly shivering and can’t stop trembling. Maybe you feel like you’re going to pass out or even throw up at any moment. Your chest feels tight and you may even feel like you are just completely out of control.

Once the anxiety attacks threaten to take over your body in certain circumstances, you may or may not be able to control it. Your doctor, or even your own research, can help you to learn to recognize when an attack is approaching and how to calm yourself down and get things under control. It may be something as simple as just removing yourself from the situation. Maybe leaving the room is something you need to do. Perhaps you just need to take a series of deep breaths and focus on something else for a few moments. Once the anxiety attacks hit, it is harder to stop than it is before they hit.

Your doctor may be able to diagnose you with a variety of disorders and be able to treat you based upon his or her diagnosis. There are anxiety medications that you can take that could make a world of difference for you. Certain medications may do more than just prevent or treat anxiety attacks or disorders; they may also help with depression or simply the way that you live your life. Why live your life in fear of being in certain predicaments or scared that you will find yourself having another anxiety attack? If something can be done to treat these thoughts, why not go for it? Don’`t continue to ignore the way that you feel. Reach out for some help from a trusted doctor. If you feel the need, do some of your own research first just to see how common anxiety attacks truly are. Having these terrifying attacks are not uncommon. They should not be embarrassing or even hinder your lifestyle. Face these attacks head on, challenge them, and overcome them. You’ll be incredibly grateful that you did.

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