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When it comes to movies, how many times have you heard that sequels are never better than the original? If you’re like most people, you even think this way yourself. Think about it . nine times out of ten, it’s true. Therefore, your thoughts can be justified. However, this 90% pattern where the original is better than the sequel sometimes fools our brains into thinking that this is always the case. It’s such a common misconception that if you even dare disagree with anyone, they might give you a quizzical or even angry look. It’s not recommended to go around stating that movie sequels are better than originals. On the other hand, if you have the right information to back up your argument, go ahead and put your adversary in his or her place.

Let’s begin with the most obvious selection as far as sequels that outperformed their predecessor. That would be The Dark Knight. If you haven’t seen The Dark Knight, you at least know that Heath Ledger offered a masterful performance just prior to his passing. While his early death was a tragedy, he couldn’t have left while more on top of the world. Add an incredible storyline and relentless action and you have one of the greatest movies ever made. Batman Begins was good, but it can’t hold a candle to The Dark Knight.

Another great sequel is Tron: Legacy. The original Tron might have been great in its day, but watching it now makes you feel silly. It’s kind of like an adult playing with a Matchbox car when he has a real Corvette in the driveway. The special effects in Tron: Legacy might be the best ever created, which separates it from Tron by a large margin. The storyline and acting were also excellent.

The third sequel is not so clear cut. Some will agree and some will disagree. We are referring to The Terminator vs. T2: Judgment Day. The Terminator is raw while T2: Judgment Day aims for emotion as well as action. From an objective standpoint, T2: Judgment Day is a much better movie. However, many Terminator fans, as well as movie fans in general, love nostalgia and will side with the original.

What sequels can you think of that are better than the original?

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