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Switch To The Brighter Life: HDMI to RCA. want to have your cake and eat it well; you like to make the best use of you equipments always, that’s a good thing, just don’t overload your system, especially when you can do without it. Maybe that is not the case for you. You have an old television set or monitor, yet you do not want to be left behind while the world moves to a digital age. There is hope for you!

That said. It is very possible to convert HDMI to RCA signal. No, it is not difficult. You should note though that HDMI requires a digital DVI video signal, hence, you cannot just connect a cable carrying analog signals like RCA into a HDMI port. You need to handle this a bit more technically. You will need to purchase a converter and you will need to follow some steps to successfully accomplish this effectively. Yes, I will teach you how to do it.
The real differences in going from HDMI to RCA are as follows

Also note that, you are dealing with an older device and a new device, that is, you are converting a digital video signal to an analog signal. You will need a HDMI/DVI to Composite and S-Video down Converter, or anything similar but compatible to complete this small task. Are you set? Let’s go!

The first thing you need to do is to power the video converter by connecting it to a power source through an electric socket. Now, plug the output end of the HDMI cable to the converter. The RCA cable has three colours for the three ports, red, yellow and white. Take the red and white ports, they represent the audio, and plug them into the converter and then plug into your television or monitor. Then take the yellow cable that represents video and plug into the monitor or television’s video input.

Yes, you are about done!

If a television is your display unit, you will need to change channels to the one required by the converter. The good thing about this is that you enjoy almost as much in audio and video, as you would if you bought a new digital television set or monitor.
Also, these converters transform the source of the signals being converted, so that low quality images are upgraded to high definition with full, rich colours, and so is sound quality.

Again, I emphasize that due to the fact that you are transmitting signal the opposite way, you may not enjoy it the way you expect or will appreciate. But there are feedbacks from various customers that have used the converter to change HDMI to RCA and are enjoying the output so.

If you cannot afford to buy a new television set, not to worry, this is a pretty good shot to making sure that you do not lose out on all the fun on the high definition side of life. Now you can enjoy your movies, your favourite programs and even play games in bright new colours and clear high quality images by converting from HDMI to RCA.

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