What You Need To Learn About Coax Over HDMI

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HDMI over coax is making high definition quality available for more consumers by using existing coax cable technology. With more consumers choosing high definition and 3D televisions, making sure you get the best signal possible is important. HDMI over coax solves the problem of delivering high quality digital signals to your TV, computer and sound system without expensive, time-consuming and complex cabling.

Coax has traditionally been used for transmitting radio, TV and internet signals throughout your home. Many homes are wired with coax in virtually every room, so being able to get your high definition HDMI signal over coax makes it much easier to install.

HDMI is the technology that allows high-definition devices to communicate with each other. For example, it lets your gaming console connect with your HDTV or your HDTV communicate with your home theater receiver. Connecting them has traditionally required an often expensive cable, but today you can use the coaxial cable that is already in your home to broadcast high definition HDMI over coaxsignals. Some adaptors also offer 3D signal transmission for HDMI over coax.

There are a number of companies that produce the converters or adapters to use HDMI over coax, including Intelix, Vanco, Zv, Kramer and Pulse~LINK. Pulse~LINK’s CWave can provide data rates up to a Gigabit per second over coax and wireless networks. This provides consumers with the ability to stream and distribute high quality multimedia content throughout their homes. Intelix’s DIGI-HD-COAXi digital processing transmits high-definition HDMI signals over a single coaxial cable. The unit transmits 1080p up to 300 feet, 1080i up to 675 feet, and 720p up to 675 feet. The ZvBox 150 is the original HDTV over coax box and came out in 2009. It is based on the same technology used to broadcast HDTV signals over coax that is built into your flat panel TV. Only one unit is required with the ZvBox, while other brands require a sender unit and a receiver at each TV or computer.

HDMI over coax will simplify the installation and use of high definition systems in your home. The cost for a converter or adapter will range from about $200 to over $1,200, depending on the brand you choose. You will want to decide if you want an all-in-one box solution, which can cost more, or use receivers at each location. Some brands, like Intelix, are primarily used by professional installers. But if you are game to do the installation yourself, there are a number of direct-to-consumer HDMI over coax converters available.

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