Where Can I Get Golf Flags?

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Golf flags serve an important part inside the game of golf. They are hooked up to the flag pole, or flag pin as it is typically referred to, which is inserted into the hole where you are trying to putt the ball. The advantages of golf flags are that you’ll be able to see where the putting green is from longer distances. Imagine attempting to see the putting green and, more importantly, the hole when you find yourself 300 yards away.

There are many different types of golf flags out there for you to purchase so I thought we’d take a look at some of them in a bit more detail. Some are made purely for the function for which they are supposed to be for, some are produced for corporate sponsorship and promotion and some are intended simply as gifts.

Golf Course Flags
These are just your standard golf course flags which can be used on golf courses everywhere in the world. In some international locations they also refer to them as golf pin flags. They’re often produced in vibrant colors so they can be seen more easily and they will generally have a large number on them, designating which hole you are on and serving to keep you on the correct track. Though there isn’t any standard color used for them, red and white seem to be amongst essentially the most popular.

Custom Golf Flags
The advantage of customized golf flags is that you may get them made to order with anything you need on them. In the main they’re produced with logos on them that are either from the golf club utilizing them or from a company which is sponsoring the golf club, or sponsoring an event at the golf club. Firms sponsor golf tournaments as this is a good method to promote to the public and companies alike as golf attracts a wide range of people, both as players and spectators.

Decorative Golf Flags
As the name suggests, golf decorative flags are usually not made to be used as putting greens flags. These golf flags are used to brighten membership homes, sports activities bars or even rooms in your property, they can also be given as gifts. You can get golf decorative flags with your favorite football team on them or sometimes they’re used to help promote support for good causes.

Mini Golf Flags
This really refers to two sorts of golf flag. Firstly mini golf flags can refer to the flags that are used within the numerous mini golf courses you discover all over the place. These naturally need to be smaller as they’d look a bit ridiculous with full size flags on the small courses. Secondly this can also refer to the small flags which are stuck in the ground at sporting events (not necessarily golf occasions) which can typically carry the corporate logo of the primary and secondary sponsors.

Autographed Golf Flags
These are the golf flags from golf tournaments which were signed by the professional golfer, or generally a celebrity golfer, that’s participating in a tournament. These are then auctioned off with the proceeds given to charity. You can buy these on the open market however be warned, they’ll go for thousands of dollars depending on whose autograph is on them.

I hope this has helped you with understanding the several types of golf flags available. From the practical to the ornamental, there appears to be one for all occasions.

Whether you are looking for standard golf flags or custom golf flags, go to www.golfflags.org for more information and the latest deals.

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