The Striking Characteristics of Remote Controlled Golf Trolleys

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A Remote Controlled Golf Trolley provides you the autonomy to walk on the golf course without the extra burden of carrying your weighty golf kit bag. This results in your game being more focused and enjoyable as well.

The Remote Controlled Golf Trolleys of today are outfitted with noiseless, powerful, swift and independent motor systems. The motor type in these golf trolleys is usually a DC electric motor which along with the help of a remote control can offer you directional controls, timed advance functions and emergency stop function.

As the name indicates, the RC Golf Trolley is equipped with a multifunctional remote control system which features directional controls, emergency and soft coasting functions, timer and you may even convert it to manual system with the remote if you feel like doing so. The remote controls are usually having a 3 stage battery charge indicator so you will always know that at what level, your battery stands. These Remote Controlled Trolleys nowadays come with a 12 Volt battery and its charger.

As compared to the hectic pushing of a manual push-type golf buggy, a remote golf trolley carries on with you with any speed that you may feed in it. It also has an auto run mode with the help of which it can run up to 10, 20 or 30 meters depending on your convenience. Moreover, the pre-selected distance can be paused and resumed in it.

The maximum speed limit with which Remote Golf Buggies may run is 10 km/h ideally. However, the newer golf trolleys may offer faster trolleys to you. The maximum distance at which the remote control works can extend up to as far as 100 meters and the wheels of the such Remote Controlled Golf Trolleys of today are designed as such that they can easily bear the trough elevation and depressions of the golf course.

The front and rear wheels of these Remote Controlled Golf Buggies are specifically rubber tread, made up of ABS plastic and there is no maintenance required. Adding these tire features with a frame which is constructed from aluminum gives the trolley a hard but light weight body which can be supported and driven by the rubber tread tires on golf courses easily.

Such types of Controlled Golf Trolleys may have a price range of $850 – $950 but they may even be available on sale prices as well.

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