One Exercise That Can Help You Jump Higher

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Their are many ways to increase your vertical, here in this article, we will discuss of various exercises that you can do to increase your vertical and this being one step closer to being able to dunk a basketball just like you always wanted. Their are lots of exercises but here we will discuss one common exericse that you can utilize for your training program and then use it to your advantage. This is some basic exercises that you may already know about and if you use them with the right form then you will be well on your way to be a better vertical as previously stated.

One of the many exercises that you may have heard about is the calf raises. We will get more into detail about this exercise and what it does. The way you do calf raises is that first, you need to have a high level platform. When I say high level platform, I dont mean a platform that is 1 foot tall, I am talking about a level platform that is lets say, like 6 inches or even 8 inches tall, nothing big. Now what you wan to do is stand right on the edge of the platform with both your feet. You should have a wall to lean on incase you lose balance but that is unlikely to happen. Now if your going to do the calf raises then make sure that when you are standing on the platform, that the sole of your foot should be suspended in the air and the toes of your foot should be balancing on the edge of the platform. Now when you are standing on the platform with your toes, you slowly raise, raise, and then raise your feet again. For the repetitions, then you might want to look at starting out with 20 repetitions or so. If this is your first time doing calf raises then you might want to take it a little bit easy and go easy on your legs. If you are experienced in weight training then you can keep doing calf raises until your legs start to burn.

Now if you are like many other basketball players that want to dunk, or just an athlete that is looking to jump higher, then if you are starting out then it is recommended that you start doing some squats for your workout. With this, you are already strengthening your legs for various reasons such as being able to lift more weight with your legs and becoming more explosive in the same way as well. When you do calf raises, overtime you will start to see the results for yourself and they will help you to jump higher.

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