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So you want to jump higher right? Anyone can do it, it is all just a matter of who has the right knowledge or tools that athletes utilize that gives them the extra edge at height. Here we will discuss what you need to do to improve your vertical and start jumping higher. The best way that you can start your journey to being able to jump higher then you must know how a workout programs works first. A workout program is a program that you construct and you will utilize it as your main base workout and this is the foundation in which you will follow and achieve better results because the workouts are all planned out already.

What some people may not realize about jumping higher, is that the person who is able to jump so high has total body strength and not just lower body strength for the legs. That is what many people will have wrong, just having lower body strength will not help you jump higher like you imagine it will. Although it does play a major role in increasing your vertical. The squat is a great exercise for any athlete to do. Professional athletes do them and many personal trainers have their clients do squats because they know that it is a all-in-one exercise, meaning that the squat exercise will target all lower body muscle groups.

However, the inexperienced athletes may not know the difference between doing different sets and different repetitions for an exercise. You should concentrate on doing 6 to 8 repetitions because this repetition range will focus on strength development and this is the main rep range that you will want to be focusing and doing all your workouts on. For the upper body, you can do exercises like the bench press which works out the arms and the pec muscles or the chest. Remember, you want an overall round body strength on the lower and upper body that way not one part of your body is stronger then the other. You want them to be unison.

When you start lifting and if you are just going to start on your journey to increasing your vertical so that you can start jumping higher then you will need to practice safety with all exercises and make sure you perform every exercise with the right form and appropiate manner. That way, when you do the lifts or curls, you want to make sure that you are doing it in right form so that way you can ensure that you will be getting maximum benefits of the exercise that you are doing and in turn you will also be able ot jump higher.

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