Have you ever thought about how healthy the food is that you are eating as well as serving to your family?

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More people are taking extra care in making sure that they are eating more foods that are natural. The closer a food is to its natural state the better it is for you. The more prepared it is the greater the chance that there are preservatives, additives and artificial ingredients involved. There are many people that feel that the increases in allergies as well as attention issues for our children are caused by the preservatives and additives that are part of processed foods. Whenever possible buy fresh foods and make them at home so you know the quality of what you are eating and serving.

It is also important for good health to take care of our skin. Our skin is the largest organ that we have. It helps protect the rest of our organs, so it is worth our time to take good care of it. As with the food we put into our bodies it is a good idea to use all natural skin care. It is important to remember that the products that you place on your largest organ seep in and linger for many hours. If you have an allergic reaction by ingesting certain things, you will have the same reaction by applying it to your skin. By using all natural skin care products the possibility of breaking out in rashes is less likely to happen. One of my favorite all natural skin care regiments is to soak for twenty minutes in Epsom salts and warm water. The Epsom salts helps to draw out any toxins that are in the skin. We all have toxins at different levels in our skin from the pollutions that we face on a daily basis in the air and in the environment. The soaking also helps relax muscles. I like to add natural lavender to the water also to fill the room with the relaxing fragrance. Once you are done soaking your skin is very receptive to what ever you put on it. After a nice soaking I like to put on an all natural skin care product with aloe in it that helps sooth the skin even more. You will find that your skin feels nicer and has a healthier glow to it after the bath. I try to do this at least twice a month for the health of my skin.

The other thing that we must do is to make sure that we wear sun screen whenever we are exposed to the sun. I use a facial lotion that has a sunscreen in it and also use a foundation that has sun protection. It only takes a few minutes of exposure to create a burn. It is important to remember sunscreen in the winter time also. In the winter the sun’s glare off the snow can cause burning to happen very quickly.

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