Use good ground beef when you use it in a sloppy joes recipe

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Make sure any ground beef you use is 80/20 or 85/15. Anything lower is to greasy and anything higher doesn’t have enough fat and you actually have to fry it in margerine so it defeats the purpose of buying extra lean ground beef.

Most of my recipes require an hour or an hour and thirty minutes and all have some time involved in preparing ingredients and mixing them. After all, you aren’t just making some edible food, you’re making some gourmet ground beef meals for you and your family.

I’ve even got an easy beef gravy recipe. Lol, of course you have to make the beef first. The gravy is as simple as falling off a log tho. Nothing complicated at all, just easy gravy that tastes good everytime.

I’ve never written down the recipes for my ground beef dishes because I’ve been making them so long I just know. I make several different varities of burgers, hamburger steaks, meat loaf and other things from ground beef.

This sloppy joe recipe needs to simmer for about 30 minutes to get the flavors spread through. If it’s pretty thick add enough water to thin it out but don’t add so much it gets runny. You want it to be thick enough for the juice to stay on the bun and not soak in like soup.

After simmering the sloppy joes recipe for 30 minutes, when it’s thick enough, it’s done. In general I eat my sloppy joes with baked beans, potato chips and a pickle if I happen to have one. They’re really good on whole wheat buns. Another tip, be sure you butter the buns. It makes a difference you won’t believe until you try buttered and unbuttered buns. Then you’ll understand.

If you like your sloppy joes a little sweeter you can add a little brown sugar or you can add more catsup. If you want them a little tangier add more mustard or more Worcestershire sauce, or both.

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