Succulent ground beef with plus excellent boneless pork chop recipes

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Boneless Pork Chop Recipes

For this tasty pork chops and dressing recipe you need a 5 quart dutch oven with a lid. A frying pan, 2 boxes of Stove Top Stuffing for Chicken. It says that right on the front of the package. Don’t get anything else but the Stove Top Stuffing for chicken as the rest of the types aren’t as good.

You also need 6 pork chops, preferably with the bone out. I cut my boneless pork chops from the boneless pork loins I buy on sale for less that $2.00 per pound. I cut the chops about 1 inch thick as that’s how I like them. For most boneless pork chop recipes that thcikness seems to be the best. You also need an onion and 1 stick of margarine.

Chop the onion until it’s fairly fine, add 3 2/3s cups water into the 5 quart dutch oven. Put the onion and the stick of margarine in the water and turn the heat on. After it’s been boiling for a couple of minutes shut it off and add both boxes of the stuffing mix to the dutch oven. Stir it all up with a meat fork and then put the cover on and let if sit for a few minutes.

Do you like boneless pork chop recipes, ground beef recipes or beef casserole recipes. There are a ton of 1uick easy recipes on this site at you will find very tasty. As far as I’m concerned the pork chop recipes and the sloppy joes are the absolute best. I’m kinda picky so the recipes have to be good for me to like them.

I’m kind of a ground beef gourmet and if I could only pick one meat to be stranded on a desert island with it would be beef. Probably sirloin so I could grind it or cut it thick into steaks or roasts. The recipes you will find on the site aren’t complicated and if you can fry hamburgers or boil water you can make all of these recipes. Go check them out now by clicking a link on this page.

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