Bayswater Greens to Launch Hydroponic Lettuce-Growing Business

A company just outside Salisbury, Bayswater Greens, is about to start producing hydroponic lettuce from its nutrient film technique hydroponic system farm for sale to local businesses and farmers markets.

Hydroponics gardening is great for Salisbury, as it enables plants to be grown all year round, eliminating the lull in produce during the winter period.

Hydroponics gardening has many other advantages over traditional soil gardening that Bayswater Greens is exploiting.

Firstly, it does not use soil, which maximises nutrient and oxygen exposure to the plant root.

It does not require pesticides or herbicides, as there are no soil-borne pests to interfere with the growing process. This makes for a healthier cultivating method for both the consumer and the environment.

The root ball stays with the plant right up until it is sold to the consumer, meaning storage times are longer and preparation times are shorter.

Finally, hydroponics gardening is able to produce up to 5 times more produce in a given unit area compared to traditional soil gardening.

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