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Biggest Genetic issues is Hip Dysplasia

| Author: | Posted in Environmental, Pets

I have a German Shepherd Dog, one of the most popular breeds for both purebred and mixes according to AKC. Her name is Sherrie. I love the breed for many different reasons, but the breed is prone to many different ailments, both genetic and environmental. One of Sherrie’s biggest genetic issues is hip dysplasia. We …

Bayswater Greens to Launch Hydroponic Lettuce-Growing Business

A company just outside Salisbury, Bayswater Greens, is about to start producing hydroponic lettuce from its nutrient film technique hydroponic system farm for sale to local businesses and farmers markets. Hydroponics gardening is great for Salisbury, as it enables plants to be grown all year round, eliminating the lull in produce during the winter period. …