Author Guidelines

400 Articles welcomes authors to post on a diverse subject matter, with a few exceptions and some rules. We hate rules, but we like our readers, so quality is of paramount importance.

The publishing cycle from submission to publication can take up to 2 weeks. If you do not see your article in 2 weeks, it is most likely deleted. We do not inform you of a published or deleted article.

Here are some guidelines to prevent your article from getting deleted.

1. Submit original non-spun content. The directory is mostly human reviewed, so we can easily catch machine spun content. This content devalues the entire web and we are happy to get rid of it.

2. Format your article correctly. It is in your best interest to get good readership which will result in good click throughs to your links. If your article looks like one big jumble, we strongly recommend reformatting it into readable paragraphs.

3. Excessive links. While our systems do not allow excessive linking, there are times when things may get through. These articles will be deleted.

4. Unrelated author boxes – Do not use unrelated anchor text to what is on the page. If your article is about gardening, DO NOT link using anchor text about internet marketing. Link to your gardening blog or article or to a gardening resource.

5. Unacceptable subject matter – Please use your discretion. We are a family friendly site and if anything is not so, we reserve the right to delete it.

6. Choose the right category. This is common sense. Please exercise it. Sometimes incorrectly categorized articles also end up in the trash.

7. Limit your tags. If you need 100 tags to describe the article, something is very wrong with your article. The suggested limit is 5 tags.

8. Article Title. Use best practice here. The best way to get traffic to your article is using a combination of a keyword and a phrase so you can satisfy both search engines and humans. You can use keyword – human phrase, e.g., Article Marketing – 7 Unique Ways to Make it Work in Your Favour

9. Spell check – Do it. It is the most common reason for an article to go to the trash bin fast.

10. DO NOT LINK TO BAD NEIGHBOURHOODS. If you do, all your articles will be deleted and your account will be removed.

You are encouraged to post articles and build links and an audience following to your web assets. Post high quality content and get high quality links to your web properties.

Remember, its not the links that matter, but the people who click on them and then buy from you or your links.