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The HD7 is the Taiwanese based corporation HTCs new smartphone handset. What makes this particular model special is the fact that it runs the brand new Windows Phone 7 operating system and, not only that, it does so whilst enlightening you (literally) with a gargantuan 4.3 inch display. HTC has a close relationship with Microsoft, so in the development of the new Windows Phone 7, the HTC HD7 was chosen as the first handset to preview the new software. There is a possible anti virus htc hd7 coming.

It is true that auto navigation systems installed by automakers look completely natural and integrated into the features of the vehicles we purchase. For that reason alone, many people opt to pay several times over what the system would have cost to have installed by someone other than the maker of the automobile. It is truly amazing how much of an impact aesthetics makes when it comes to purchasing your next dream car, or even your first dream car. The thing is, that even if the system doesn’t seem to flow with the look of your car, there are very valid reasons for getting one in the first place and the safety and security that they provide travelers is very well worth the sacrifice of a few aesthetic features. An automobile saftey security and navigation system does enhance your safety when traveling.

It isn’t exactly necessary, however, to completely sacrifice aesthetics in order to have the safety and security that auto navigation systems provide. As a matter of fact, some of the most popular brands of these systems are actually installed to the car by use of suction cups rather than cutting into the dashboard or removing the ever so important stereo from your car, truck, or SUV. Keeping price conscious consumers in mind, manufacturers are offering many options well under the $500 benchmark while also affording consumers the luxury (or lower price, however you decide to call it) of installing these devices themselves.

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