Drive Green When Using The Mitsubishi i

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All he needed was a car to help him get to work and back home, he was tired of the long term car rental that he was using and he was in search for better. That is why the article below brought a smile to his face.

Mitsubishi is taking driving to the next level with their 100% electric car. You’ll drive with no need to go to a gas station or worry about polluting the air. An electrical motor that is clean and efficient, has totally replaced the internal combustion gasoline engine, so it doesn’t even need a tailpipe. The ground breaking technology of the drive train yields no emissions that would affect the air.

The Mitsubishi i has been designed to be a classy eco-friendly car. This electric car has an remarkable styling that makes everyone notice. Mitsubishi is definitely about operation but they have taken it to a new level with this car. This EV, featuring its LED rear tail lamps to the windswept front end, will reveal to everyone, your commitment to the planet, and making a better world. It is good to own a car like this where it’s not just high-tech but also environmentally responsible. It features three driving modes and outstanding velocity. Drive mode is made for highest performance, the eco-mode is for the most efficiency, and the most energy will be reclaimed from the regenerative brakes in B-mode.

The holding on corners and turns is quite responsive because of the car’s low center of gravity and rear-motor design. The starts and stops while in traffic really are amazingly smooth. You’ll get pleasure from the calm and quiet drive on the highway. Like other electric powered cars on the market, the Mitsubishi i may not be just the thing for long drives. This car is perfect for driving around town as well as running errands. A totally charged battery can easily get you about 62 miles, before running out of charge. This car never was intended to be designed for cross country road trips. It is a fantastic car for anyone who is concerned about the environment.

The 100% Mitsubishi i possesses a hundred components less than a gas-powered car, so with time, there will be less maintenance, and less cost. There is most likely a long term price savings on fuel costs as well. If you drive approximately 15,000 miles in a year, you can expect to pay a little over $540 on electricity. To get the same mileage, an efficient vehicle can use as much as $1980 worth of gas. In addition to the big savings, if you buy an electric car like the Mitsubishi i, you can get a $7500 tax credit. There are more rewards offered by cities and states thus it might be worth considering for your around the town car.

The Mitsubishi i is an excellent strategy to save on energy costs and to help protect the environment.

So if you were worried about insurance, it is a lot better than scooter insurance.

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