Alternative Alcohol Treatment Through the 12 Steps

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Alcoholism is a disease and this means that there are withdrawal symptoms when one quits. There is an alternative alcohol treatment available, and which millions of people worldwide have used, and it is the 12 Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Alcoholics Anonymous is the first and the largest of the 12 step programs. Designed for the treatment of alcoholism, it has helped millions of people around the world to find and maintain sobriety from alcohol.

It is now present in dozens of countries around the world, and has many millions of members. It is hard to accurately gauge exactly how big Alcoholics Anonymous is, probably because of the word ‘anonymous’ in the organizations name, but if you are living in an even moderately industrialized nation that uses alcohol in a large scale, chances are there are some AA meetings near you.

The actual 12 step method in Alcoholics Anonymous that eventually developed from these founders is heavily based on the methods used by a Christian fellowship called the Oxford Group.

The method they used encouraged the same kinds of self-reflection, surrender to God, acknowledgment of character defects, restitution for wrongs committed, and working with others that would make up the 12 step program used in Alcoholics Anonymous, and now many other support group style meetings. Some recovering alcoholics credit AA meetings for saving them into checking into alcohol rehabilitation centers.

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