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Many people do not associate golf with women and rightfully so. Men dominate 90 percent of the game. Over the years however, women golf has come of age as more organizations have focused on developing this sport amongst women. Women golf, just like in men demands self control, discipline and skills in decision making. As such, organizations that are grooming women for higher positions in the workplace encourage them to take up golf. The benefits of such development are not only felt by women participants, but by corporate organizations that are focusing on providing the right apparel and equipment for use by women golfers.

It is argued that women golf training offers young women the understanding and skills needed to compete well in the complex working environment. Through the training, women not only acquire golfing skills, but also team working skills. Further, women golf courses act as networking venues, where professional women meet other people in the business sector.

Women golf is usually 54 holes (three rounds) although professional championships are normally 72 holes (four rounds). The four round tournaments are similar to the men’s tournament.  Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) was formed by 13 women in 1950 and remains the oldest professional organization for women golfers.

The difference between women golf and male golf is in fact the reason why the two genders choose to engage in the sport. Analysts state that while men golfers perceive golfing as a platform where they can conquer and defeat their opponents, women on the other hand view the game from a very personal perspective. To them, the golf course is not only a place to win, it is also a platform where they can create friendships, spend time with clients, husbands, children and even friends. Unlike the man, women golfers like having fun in the golf course. This is because their motivation is based on the need to have an affirmative experience in the game.

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