The Different Kinds of Camcorders

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Before you decide to buy a camcorder, it is a good idea to get to know first the different kinds and models of camcorders and features that they have that you can possibly utilize. VHS, 8mm, VHS-C, Hi8, DVD, Digital 8, and Mini Digital Video (Mini Video) are the known formats of video cameras and each format has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


The oldest known type of a camcorder is the VHS and is already becoming outdated fast because different kinds of models with better features are being produced nowadays. And in this camcorder, you can only play the video that you have recorded in a VHS VCR system. Its resolution is not as the same and as clear as the camcorders nowadays, which are already digital, since digital camcorders give a 540-line of resolution while the VHS can only give a 240-line of resolution. Its weight can also be bothersome because it is bulky than that of DV camcorders. You seldom see people use this kind of camcorder nowadays since their technology has already gone outdated.


This type of camcorder is no difference to the VHS in terms of the resolution it gives, it also gives a 240-lin of resolution. This may be smaller in size but it still has the same technology. And likewise are the video tapes used for VHS-C are smaller than that of the VHS. Still, VHS-C is considered outdated not is not used among the newer models today.


If the event that you are going to cover using your camcorder is going to last for more than one hour, the thing that you should use is the 8mm. This type of camcorder records footages that go for 5 hours and has better quality video than that of the VHS camcorders. If you want to view the video that you recorded using the 8mm, all you need to do is just to connect your camcorder to your TV’s or VCR system’s input jacks.


Among all the types of camcorders that can be seen being sold in the market, it is the MiniDV, or also known as the Mini Digital Video, that shows the most vivid colors and high definition resolution and they are also so handy since it is only 4” in both height and width. Small as it can be, it can fit in your hand’s palm making them so portable and easy to bring along.

If in any case you would like to edit the video that you took, you can just connect your DV camcorder to your computer system by means of FireWire connection. Once you have transferred the video file to the hard drive of your computer, you can make copies of it, burn it to CDs to distribute to friends, embed to your websites or social networks, and email clips of it to your family and friends. In other words, there are a lot of things you can do with it and you can do anything with it whatever you like.


If what you are looking for a camcorder that is all together handy, has excellent resolution, and can be bought for a cheap price, then what you are looking for is the Digital8 camcorder. The Digital8 camcorder is only a little larger than the MiniDV but it’s cheaper. It offers the best quality for imaging in camcorders having the 540 lines of clear-as-crystal resolution.

DVD Camcorders

DVD camcorders are the newest forms and innovations in the world of digital imaging. This device, like the MiniDV and Digital8 camcorders, is of a small size. It is very handy and portable for you to carry with you wherever you go. Compared to other camcorders, the DVD camcorder can cater DVD-R discs and DVD-RW discs.

Price comparisons

If it is the price that you are seriously considering before you buy a camcorder, then you can choose the VHS camcorder since it has the cheapest price among the rest of the types of camcorders. But you cannot obtain the quality that you are looking for in digital recording in a VHS camcorder. The occasions that you want to film may not be able to be viewed in good quality because of the camcorder that you. But if it is both of good quality that can also be bought for a low cost is what you’re looking for, then the MiniDV is what you need. There are numerous brands for camcorders you can choose from. To mention a few, you can select from Panasonic, Canon, Sharp, and Sony whichever model suits your tastes and meets your needs.

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