Use good banner ad design for effective banner ads

Banner ad design is very important for you to understand if you are going to make your own banners for banner advertising. It’s important even if you aren’t going to design your own advertising banners. You need to be able to explain to the banner maker what size you want, colors and keywords plus fonts and graphics.

Good banner ad design isn’t an accident, they are researched and tested and then improved upon until you have the best banner advertising you can have. Then you can make some money or get more traffic with your banner advertising.

When you come right down to it, after you have the banner colors, fonts, size, keywords and graphics figured out you could just as well make a banner yourself. It’s really not all that hard to do if you have a graphics program.

Best Banner Ads
THere is no magic formula for creating banners as each niche is very different and a banner that works in one may not do anything at all in another. However banner ads that are eye catching with text that is short and sweet will work well. With some practice and some learned knowledge from your efforts you will find it easier and easier to create banner ads that do what you want them to do. Make you more money.

The best ads aren’t shown to a visitor to your site 42 times in a row. That will just irritate them. You want to show them different banners on each page rather than just showing them the same ad over and over again. That means how often you show a banner ad can make it a good or bad banner. Less is better but you want to show it to your visitors at least once per visit to your site.

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