The Many Aspects Of Having Ancona Chickens In Your Life

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In the mid eighteen hundreds, the popular Ancona chicken was shipped to England out of the originating city of Ancona, Italy. It then made its way to America in the late eighteen hundreds.

These busy little chickens are spangled color, coming from the co-mingling of the Original Mottled Leghorn to the Black Leghorn. Their greenish black feathers tipped with white and sometimes having a tint of purple, have come from the Black Leghorn. From both, perhaps, come the yellow featherless legs and toes spread just far enough apart. And Earlobes? Yes, chickens have them and this chicken shows its in white. Italy originated the this kind of in reds, browns, and white, which is where the copper tinge on the neck feathers could be from.

The female’s cute little comb atop its head is a single, leaning one. The male has a comb that stands up straight and tall! Rose combed is a second variety. Bay is the eye color, and they have keen eyesight which, along with its coloring, helps it avoid predators.

There are Red Australian types, Bantam and many large and smaller kinds. They are pretty common. The Australian variety is red with white specks on the neck area feathers.

As they all age and moult (lose their feathers, to be replaced) the white on the tips becomes larger, a good way to tell how old the bird is. At about four and a half pounds, the hen weighs lighter than the six pound rooster. Living around eight years, being kept as a pet, as well as an egg producer, would be OK.

If egg producing chickens interest you, the Ancona does that quite well. Once a day for perhaps five days a week, she will lay one white egg. Once in a while, it will show up with tinted eggs! A hundred and sixty to a hundred and eighty eggs a year should be a nice egg-laying hen. And they also have a great feed/egg conversion rate. All around good little chicken.

The hen is not too broody but does raise strong little chickies fast and if a few are hand-raised by the owner, they do make nice pets. They are friendly and will follow around.

The Ancona does not care to be penned up in small spaces. The females are busy little birds, the males being slower. The fact that they are cold hardy will aid the owner in decisions regarding housing. The pet chicken may want to be housed closer to their owner, the regulars in a hen house or coop. Sometimes called a chicken house, this should provide shelter from the elements as well as from predators. Normally this is where the nests would be located as well.

On a humorous note, Ancona chickens have been chosen as a model for a non-combat pet in an online game of magic! In this game it can be summoned and will follow the warrior around. It will not fight, however! Why don’t chickens like humans? They beat eggs! Hahahaha!

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