Dog Barking Sounds – Know the Difference!

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Dog barking sounds can vary from one dog to another. It is part of the breed and part of their personality. Many people have difficulties figuring out how to stop dogs barking. But the very first step is to understand the barking sounds that your dog makes.

Dogs make barking sounds for various reasons. If you can learn to distinguish these sounds, you will way ahead in resolving the problem of the barking dog.

Dog barking sounds can have a variety of purposes. If you will learn to distinguish the alarm from the warning it can help you to safety. When a dog is warning with a bark, it is signalling the possibility of an attack. When it is signalling an alarm it is letting you know there is a potential intruder present. So by simply understanding the difference in these barks you can help yourself immensely. And of course, you do not want to silence your dog if he/she is trying to protect you.

However there are other types of dog barking sounds. These can be the playful barks that signal that he/she just wants to play with you. And of course there are the nuisance barking sounds that tell you the dog is bored or has way too much energy and needs to expend it. This is the type of barking that you as the owner need to take control of in training.

So to help a dog stop the problem barking, you need to begin at the start, what kind of bark are you dealing with?

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