Fascinating Facts About Appenzeller Spitzhauben

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Wonder what an Appenzeller Spitzhauben is, and what is curious about it? Then, join the rapidly growing group of people who love this distinctive breed of chicken. Named for its fluffy crest that looks so much like the lacy hats worn by women in the Appenzeller region in Switzerland, the Swiss national chicken is now part of backyard flocks all over the world.

Appenzeller chickens are active as well as being strikingly beautiful. You will need to allow them to roam if you plan to have them. In exchange for this freedom, you will have an amazingly intelligent chicken as a pet. They sport a crest of feathers on their heads with a very distinctive shape. The feathers give them a pompous, yet sort of funny head.

If you feel that you can give Appenzellers the freedom they need to roam and forage, then you may consider buying them to have as pets. They are quite intelligent, and enjoy picking insects out of all sorts of places when you allow them out in the yard. Baby chicks can be ordered from breeders to get you started with your own little flock. The online breeders provide space and shipping recommendations for the breed. Most are concerned that the chicks, or even unhatched eggs arrive safely to you.

As pets, Spitz are wonderful. They can become friendly to human touch with effort and time. In exchange for your efforts, they will produce anywhere from 140 to 160 white medium sized eggs each year. It is rewarding to know that you will feed and water them, but they will also return fresh, healthy eggs to you in return. Because you will feed them good things, their eggs will have orange yolks, which show that the eggs are more nutritious.As pets, these chickens can be a lot of fun. They are great at flying and climbing trees. So, you may have built a coop for them, only to find that they are off somewhere else. Most owners enjoy watching these silly looking characters roaming around in their backyards. One great advantage is that they will give you eggs. Many produce about 140 to 160 medium sized white eggs each year.

Some people who keep chickens really enjoy the different personalities each has. They find that they may be able to pick up their favorite, carry it, and pet it much like they would a family dog or cat. You may be very surprised that this is possible. It may take a bit of doing with a Spitzhauben but they can learn to like being touched.

The Appenzellers are quiet, fly very well, and like to climb trees. They enjoy foraging for insects and will keep busy with that for a long time when there are plenty of insects around. Usually, these chickens stay cleaner than others. This fact is noted by owners who say that their smaller size helps them to avoid being dirty.

Some owners find that their Spitzs actually like to roost in trees. There are numerous reports of the entire flock roaming to find a nearby space in the trees, and then refusing to come back to the coop unless the weather became too cold. These chickens can definitely be on the independent side, but for many owners, that is also part of their charm.

Appenzeller Spitzhauben are probably one of the most distinctive looking chickens you can have as a pet. If you can put up with their tendencies to fly and climb trees, then you will enjoy their lovely speckled feathers. Just plan on putting up sturdy fencing if need be, and then have fun with these delightful chickens.

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