Toddler Bedroom Furniture

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When you go from nursery to toddler bedroom, you are going to want to make a few changes in the room to accommodate your growing child. Some nursery items can stay and even convert to something more suitable for a more active and mobile child, but you are also going to want to remove some things and add some others. You want to think about style as well as function, with some safety concerns thrown in just to make it a bit more complicated. Toddler bedroom furniture should be safe, colourful, and also just right for your toddler to be self sufficient, as that is something they crave at this age.

If you have nursery items that can be turned into toddler bedroom furniture, you may wonder when is the best time to change things for your child. For the most part, you want to get them out of the crib once they have begun to show signs of wanting to climb out of it on their own. There is not much you can do to keep them in there, and they could get hurt trying to get out. This is when your crib can be converted into a toddler bed. Make sure you let them know what is going on and also make sure you have a guard that keeps them in their new bed if they were to roll in their sleep, but that they can get out of easily when they want to get up.

You may not have to do much with dressers and bookcases once you want to change to toddler bedroom furniture. These can remain the same. Just make sure anything you do not want them to get into is put up out of reach as they are more mobile now. If you have a toy box, now is a time to get it out and put some of their favourite toys inside of it. Make sure you get a safe model that does not have a cover that free falls when closed. Many toys boxes now come with hinges that slowly close and will stay open if your child pushes it up. These hinges save many fingers and head from bumps and bruises.

If you are starting from scratch with your toddler bedroom furniture, you have two directions in which you can go. You can get a set that will last them until they are teenagers or even adults, or you can get something that is made just for toddlers. The toddler type of furniture is going to be smaller, and will come in brighter colours. They will have softer angles and will be easier for them to use. On the other hand, the stuff that will last is a good investment, but you want to make sure the colours are timeless so they don’t hate it when they turn 13.

Other than changing or getting new toddler bedroom furniture, you should check out a few other things in their room as well. Make sure you have any safety features in place that you want to have. All outlets should be covered, and furniture should be secure to the walls so that the items will not tip over on your child if they try to climb them, which can easily happen. Toddlers are finally mobile and wanting to discover everything they can about the world they live in. Keep that in mind and you will know how to keep them save with their new toddler bedroom furniture, room, and new-found freedom.

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