Toddler Safety Issues

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Keeping your baby safe is something you worry about, but this will be an even bigger worry when your baby enters the toddler years. They are mobile, more curious, and they have no idea what could hurt them and what is safe. This is a time in life when they test their limits in just about everything, and try everything at least once just to see what happens. This means you have to think about toddler safety and prevention. Some things are going to happen in a moment, but there are other things of which you can prepare to avoid some of the more common accidents that can happen.

Thinking about toddler safety means thinking like a toddler. This is not something that most people think about, but if you can put yourself in their state of mind, you can see what could be a problem. You may even want to get down to their eye level to see what they see. This helps you identify toddler safety issues in your home. See those outlets? Toddlers have no idea they are dangerous. They just see them at or near eye level and what to know what they are. If they see you plug something into one, they are going to stick something into one as well. Those safety plugs are a wise and cheap investment for safety.

Stairs, doorways, and windows are all toddler safety issues. They do not know they are going to get hurt if they plunge down the stairs, they just know that is where Daddy went and they want to go too. They don’t know that if they lean too far out a window they may fall to the ground and get hurt. They don’t know that a cord from the blinds could choke them very easily. They just want to explore. Think like that and you can find ways to avoid problems before they happen.

Prescription medication is another huge consideration when it comes to toddler safety. They do not know what pills do, or why you are taking them, but they look an awful lot like something to eat to them, or perhaps they see them as candy. Your bottles may have child proof caps on them, but you should never totally rely on those. Keep your pills up and locked away if possible. You may think your toddler can not climb up to the top shelf, but they will if they want something bad enough. Toddler safety may mean locking up at least once cabinet for pills and other dangers.

Remember that though toddler safety is a number one priority, you don’t want to child proof everything in your home or in your life. Your child or children have to learn to listen to and respond properly to the word ‘no.’ This means leaving some things open but being watchful, and telling them ‘no’ when they get into something they should not. They will soon learn about boundaries and when an adult means business. If you child proof everything in the name of toddler safety, they are never going to learn anything. Keep the important and very dangerous things locked up, but keep things open for learning as well.

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