The Things That Make A Cochin Chicken So Great

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Created for food and breeding purpose in China 150 years ago the Cochin chicken has come a long way. The bird was developed to as food source originally and was later sent to Europe and America where it continued to be bred for food and its eggs. However due to their calm docile nature they were offered as pets to the queen of England who had a few of them.

One feature that makes them stand out is their plumage which covers them literally from head to toe and turns them into walking feather balls. The colorings come in a range of different colors including white, black, buff and brown barred. The birds can be found in other colors as well except in Australia where buff is the main color.

Another quality that makes them great for family pets is the fact that they are very laid back, docile and are easy to tame. This breed is quite approachable and like people, however they can be a bit moody and will sit for long periods of time even when not trying to nest any eggs. They also cannot fly very well but do enjoy daily strolls around the yard so they do get their exercise.

In the area of egg production the breed is considered a medium laying breed because it does not produce a high amount of eggs. However the ones they do produce are of higher quality than the mass produced variety making them well worth the weight. The bird is also known as natural mother hen of sorts and enjoys spending time incubating multiple eggs at one time.

In order to properly care for birds of this type, their foot feathers must be maintained, this includes clipping off excess feathers and providing a dry clean place for them to live. Also feeding them a steady diet with a lot of protein, giving them vitamins and anti worm medication is also important. This breed does not do well in warm to hot climates, but they do handle cooler climates thanks to their plumage.

When a bird such as this is taken care of properly and fed well, it can live for a good many years. If the bird is used for breeding then the life span is about half of a well kept bird. Breeders tend to keep birds of this type out of constant work as they are quite expensive and rare.

These types of birds are ideal for pets due to their calm nature, but are more likely to live with breeders because they cost so much. They can be purchased for children and like other pets are not to be left alone unsupervised with the child or children. Having a bird such as this as a pet is something that will make a person the talk of the town because they can train the bird and that is a very cool thing.

Not all of the Cochin chicken bred today can be traced back to the original birds bred in China. They are still highly trainable and very tame which makes them arguably some of the cutest birds in the world. Make sure to do plenty of research prior to purchasing one of these amazing birds.

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