Smoking Facts – 47 Billion Hits On Health

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It’s a relief that I can’t smoke in public places any more in the UK and that other countries are banning smoking in restaurants and bars etc. I just wish that these smoking bans had happened years ago when we became more aware of the link between smoking tobacco and ill health.

Despite more awareness the amount of cigarettes bought in Britain last year was over 47 billion. As each cigarette contains over 4,000 chemicals and at least 40 of those chemicals can cause cancer that’s like 47 billion health hits being fired at us Brits every year and we pay for the privilege!

To be fair the UK government have ramped up it’s anti smoking campaign. In 2008 the cigarette companies were made to add graphic images of throat cancer and rotting lungs and teeth to cigarette packets. A year earlier the legal age for buying tobacco products was raised from 16 to 18.

There is now a voluntary scheme in place for shops where anybody who doesn’t look 25 has to show the correct id when buying age related products like cigarettes.

Smoking is on the decrease but even so it is still the biggest killer and over 106,000 people in the UK died last year due to smoking. It isn’t just smokers whose health suffers from the effects of smoking tobacco, anybody who breathes in the smoke from tobacco is at risk.

Frightening isn’t it? We pay to risk our lives and the lives of those around us by partaking in what is really an unpleasant habit that tastes nasty and smells disgusting.

What I have noticed in recent years is that we don’t offer our cigarettes around as much. Years ago whenever you were in any sort of social environment you offered your cigarettes or cigars to those around you and they did the same. You could end up smoking several different brands and with a cough or sore throat from switching about, but offering cigs out was the done thing.

Now if you are in an area that it is acceptable to smoke the likelihood of being offered even a roll up is lower, perhaps because smokers have been made to feel uncomfortable about their habit.

I don’t think that smokers smoke in front of children as much nowadays. I look around at my family and neighbours and most of them now go outside the home away from their kids to smoke.

Apart from being more aware of the damage that can be done to children’s health youngsters are also being made aware of the harm that smoking tobacco causes and are joining in the chorus of disapproval. Children tell their parents off for smoking, children are frightened that they may lose their parent or parent because of smoking tobacco products.

As I said at the beginning of this article, I really do wish that the smoking bans had happened years ago then maybe I wouldn’t have damaged my health by smoking cigarettes for nigh on 40 years.

Hopefully I have quit smoking in time to reclaim my health and the 10 years lifespan that I was losing as a long term smoker. Sometimes I feel angry that I have been able to easily buy something that is the world’s top cause of preventable death and it is still easily available.

Instead of dwelling on that I am celebrating the fact that I have stopped smoking for more than a year after years of trying to give up smoking. I feel healthier, my bank balance is healthier and those around me are healthier – that’s a result!

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