Ab workouts women can do to lose belly fat

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1. Abdominal planks

This exercise looks almost just like a push up but instead of getting into a regular push up position where you are supporting your upper body with your hands.

In the abdominal plank you will support your upper body with your forearms touching the floor and your feet (or your toes) will help support the lower half of your body and for abdominal planks.

All you are going to do is you are just going to support your body weight on your forearms and toes and stay in that position for at least 10 seconds and as you get stronger you can support yourself for 60 seconds and once 60 seconds gets too easy you can wear a weight vest to make abdominal planks more challenging for you.

If you can do only abdominal planks for 10 seconds at a time then its best that you do your abdominal planks for sets of 5-10 reps a time by lowering yourself down after each rep and then pushing yourself back up into position after each rep.

2. Abdominal towel rollouts

You do this exercise the exact same way you would do an abdominal wheel but this time you are going to need a real slick floor and some towels (shirts and rage will also work) and then you would place both hands on the towels and slide out like you would with an ab wheel and then you would slide back to the starting position.

It’s best that you try to do this exercise in sets of 8-to-12 reps or you can slide out with the towels and hold that position just like in an abdominal plank for 10 or more seconds for each rep to intensity the abdominal towel workout.

3. Abdominal crunches

Instead of doing a regular crunch on the floor you can get a better range of motion in your abdominal area if you do abdominal crunches with something under your lower back (like a bunch of old clothes) to help you increase the range of motion of your abdominal crunches just like as would if you were doing your abdominal crunches on a stability ball.

Regular crunches may only get the upper abs but as you increase the range of motion you will also include the upper and lower abs in your abdominal crunch workout.

4. Lying leg raises

For this exercise you just simply place your hands on your couch or any other sturdy object in your house and you simply do lying leg raises by curl your hips, raising your legs and curling backwards until your knees to your elbows for a great upper and lower ab workout.

You only need to pick one of those ab exercises and do it 2-to-3 times a week for the fastest results and when that exercise gets easy then you need to switch to another ab exercise after about 4-to-6 weeks.

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