Hawaiian Wedding Dress – An Glamorous Remembrance

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Each person wants their wedding to be distinct, the one that they can adore for their lifetime. They also want it to be recalled and rejoiced by the attendees forever. This is why, couples now usually choose different themes, often some even choose foreign places for their weddings.
Ever wanting to have an Aloha-State wedding? Or maybe even choose a Hawaiian theme for your wedding in a tropical surrounding? Consider the waves, the birds, the hula, sounds very romantic indeed!
Another superb consideration is the Hawaiian wedding dress. If a traditional Hawaiian wedding is a preference, nothing can be more romantic than a Holoku. A Holoku is a traditional Hawaiian wedding dress which is flowy, long and white. For the groom, a formal apparel would be a white shirt and pants with a sash that matches the wedding theme color or the Hawaiian wedding dress.
However, if a less formal wedding is elected, the hawaiian mumu could also be used for a Hawaiian wedding dress. The Mumus are dresses with luxurious looking floral prints and swinging fish-tail hems. The groom can wear a Guayabera shirt and khaki pants. If something casual and fun is beingsought after, such as the hula girls and the fire dancers, then the same fragrance must be integrated in the Hawaiian wedding dress. There are a lot of different options available such as the tropical dresses or grass skirt, maxi dress with head lei’s. There are so many carefree styles and lengths to choose from. The groom could also wear beach shorts with a casual short-sleeved shirt and feel relaxed at his wedding.
To complete the look, the bride may wear a Haku Lei instead of a veil in her hair, which is a wreath of island flowers in cheerful and beautiful colors as preferred by her to compliment her Hawaiian wedding dress. She may also place an Plumeria or a Hibiscus in her hair instead. To accessorize herself, the bride can wear accessories made out of shells, wood, or mother of pearl. Both the bride and the groom can also wear silk, shell, or flower leis in their necks for a complete Hawaiian look.
As far as sandals are concerned, the bride can choose to wear sandals ranging from formal to flip flops. She may also pick to wear barefoot sandals that are magnificently made out of shells or beads. The groom may wear sandals or modish flip flops too. Both can decide to give it the Hawaiian taste and have their wedding barefoot!

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