3 Strategies for Choosing The Right Cell Phone Plan

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It was quite simple to choose a phone company, before the times of cell phones. The most troubling issue was deciding upon the long distance carrier. Although, these days, there are hundreds of cell phone providers and plans to select from and with phones doing more and more each year, it only gets more difficult. Before you opt for a cell phone provider, you should explore each of your options and the following advice and hints will make it more effortless to discover the best plan.

Most often we will choose a phone before we consider a plan like for instance when you want a phone exclusive to a particular company like AT&T’s Iphone. On the other hand Android phones work with a larger number of carriers which is something you need to consider. If you are mainly concerned with basic features, such as making calls and maybe texting, the model of phone you get won’t be that important, as there are many good phones to choose from. If you on the other hand feel that you need an Iphone or popular model this will limit you to specific providers. When choosing a cell phone plan, you should consider how much text messaging you do, if any. Many people like to text on their phones rather than actually talking on it. However if you prefer the opposite then you won’t need to worry about how many text messages are allowed on your plan. There are cell plans that allow for unlimited texting which you should consider if you text more than talk. You might be unpleasantly surprised by your first bill if you don’t take this into consideration. Kids can become addicted to texting so beware if you are buying them phones as this can run your bill through the roof.

Do you need your phone to keep you truly connected to your email and the Internet? Make sure Internet is included with the cell phone plan you choose if that is the case for you. Many phones today have this capability, but if you don’t choose the right plan you’ll find that it’s very expensive to go online with your cell phone. The type of plans that offer internet access are called data plans, and these are offered by all the major providers. Of course, you don’t really need this option unless you plan to access the Internet from your phone quite frequently. Most people have discovered that cell phones are more convenient for talking and texting than browsing the web.

In summary, you can narrow down the cell phone providers and plans to choose from if you make a list of what features are important to you and consider how often you make calls, and to whom. Keep the above factors in mind when choosing your cell phone plan, and remember, cell phone companies tempt you with all kinds of options, but nothing is free, so stick with features you’ll be actually using.

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