Solid Strategies For Improving Your Adwords Ad Copy

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If you know how to write great classified ads, then you can write terrific ad copy for any PPC campaign, and yes that means Google Adwords, too. It depends on how you approach it and what kind of steps you take to create a good ad copy. This article is all about writing PPC ad copy that produces results and winners – no losers allowed.

For Adwords and other PPC platforms, you have to maintain your awareness about the keywords that each ad is for. Avoid getting too cute with your ads because it seems that readers don’t always appreciate it. The best way to go is to learn how to write good classified ads, and then don’t mistake creative writing with good ad copy. In case you didn’t know, when you put your headline together it must serve the function of capturing reader attention. For instance, let’s say a searcher performs a search and sees a bunch of links all over the page. The searcher is looking for a targeted solution to his problem, and even if your product offers that solution and is prominently placed on the right side of the screen, it can’t be spotted. So the thing to do is be sure to use the keywords you’re going for in your ad copy. It’s all about relevance with PPC, and if you do not use the right keywords in your ads, then Google will slap you with higher CPCs fees. When you fail to include the right keywords in your PPC ads, then there will be no blue keywords in your ads, and people will just ignore you. You can test, but we have tended to use the keyword once in headline, sometimes, but at least once in the main body of the ad. You need to have a good CTR because that will affect how high your quality score is which will impact your CPC.

Every word in good ad copy must be there, and there are no extraneous or big words, either. You will notice when you write PPC ads that there’s not much room, and so you need to make every space and every word and letter count for all they have to offer. So keep in mind that wasted words are really impeding your ability to create a successful ad and campaign, too.

One of the best ways to write simple ad copy that gets results is to ask questions that arouse interest in the searcher and curiosity. It’s a lot like asking someone a question that you just know will rake across the right nerve. Be sure to be as direct as you possible can and mainly because you don’t have much space to do it in. Gaining the knowledge to win the Google Adwords game is not hard to do, and you can do it just as well as anyone else. If is completely normal to have PPC campaigns that will tank; so just kill it and keep moving forward. The best thing you can do is always improve your knowledge if you can, and then keep at it – keep trying and expecting success. Since ad copy is the back bone of any AdWords campaign, you should focus on it as much as possible.

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