How to Work Less and do More

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Running a small companyoften leaves business owners with little time on their hands. The expectations of your customers and your employees for that matter, is time consuming. Throw the family into the mix and there is probably not a lot left for you.

When you started yourcompanyyour vision was probably somewhat different. More income, possibly more holidays, a mid week game of golf or more time with the family. Most small company owners don’t get past the first objective… they get the income they want but not the lifestyle they were looking for.

More money is all well and good and we all want that but do we really want our businesses just to give us a high income? or do we want a better lifestyle as well? This is the big difference between what we want and what we achieve.

This all changed for me some time ago when I got an warning from an unexpected source. No, it wasn’t my wife it was my Doctor. He told me that unless I changed my lifestyle and found more time to eat better and exercise I would not live long enough to see the benefits of my years of hard work. This is such a common story and unlike many others I acted on it and took responsibility for my future.

I knew that I couldn’t work more hours and I couldn’t find anyone I was happy with to take some of the workload. My salvation came in the form of better systems and better accessibility to those systems.

I had been using a saas contact management systems called for some time and it dramatically improved productivity. I had systemized my sales and support services and I decided that I absolutely had to apply the same strategy to the rest of my business. So I invested time over the next few months taking every manual process and internal system I had and found a SAAS based application.

The company todayoperates very differently. My entire company manages itself. My own methods and practices are duplicated by my employees because the system makes them do it that way. Training new employees is so much easier because there is a documented process. My clientsschedule online, request invoices online and provide customer support responses faster than they ever did under our manual systems. My company is significantly more profitable and I now have the time for family and friends and of course I have a lot more time formyself. Today I am a happier and healthier person and I enjoy a more rewarding life looking forward to what the future holds for me.

I can not fathom how I managed without online business management software.

Carl Dupas has 15 years experience in time management providing consultancy services to companies across the US in a range of industries. Take a look at some of the resources available to make your business more efficient at schedule online website.

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