The Uses of a C Mount Lens

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The C Mount lens was originally developed and used within the motion pictures and that’s the reason the ‘C’ stands for ‘Cine’. They have been largely used on the outdated 16mm video cameras and CCTV lens cameras. The invention and well-liked use of digital video cameras (camcorders) noticed the demise of the C Mount lens along with 16mm cameras.

Just when we thought the C Mount lens was to be lost endlessly, it was revived by Panasonic and Olympus. Just a few years ago they invented the Micro Four Thirds normal cameras.

Micro 4 Thirds digital cameras have smaller bodies and smaller lenses when compared to normal digital cameras. They’ve the same measurement image sensor as digital SLR cameras (Four Thirds System) however they don’t have a mirror or a pentaprism, which permits then to be smaller (similar to the C Mount lens).

C Mount lenses have a distinct diameter to that of the Micro Four Thirds diameter so you will have a C Mount lens adapter to have the ability to match this correctly. Now, there are plenty of totally different C Mount lens adapters obtainable which allow you to be extra versatile with which sorts of lenses you use in your camera.

The C Mount digital camera lens has some specific traits which have both a plus side and, unfortunately a downside. It depends upon what you wish to achieve and what level you might be at that will dictate whether or not you see a particular characteristic of C Mount lenses as positive or negative.

To begin with, let’s take a look at the autofocus, the C Mount lens doesn’t have one. If you’re an novice photographer this can assist you be taught your craft and be taught it properly but it surely does imply that it’s going to take you longer to get you shot setup and it will take you more makes an attempt to get it right. If you have used a guide SLR camera before then this is one thing you will be acquainted with.

The other characteristic of a C Mount is that the picture is sharper within the centre and extra blurred towards the edges. Understanding this means that you should use this lens accordingly and it can really assist you obtain some great results but it also means that it is not suitable for all kinds of shots.

The price is mostly considered a very good factor as you can pick up some nice C Mount lens offers on the web and, as more and more photographers are turning to these to extend there range of equipment, there seems to be some good selections available. My buddy has been searching for a C Mount zoom lens recently.

It’s also possible to get a CS Mount lens which is different to the C Mount lens. The CS Mount lens is mounted closer the picture sensor. You can quite easily fit a C Mount on a CS Mount with using a C Mount lens adapter but you cannot fit a CS Mount on a C Mount.

I have used a C Mount Lens to take some great photos. Goto for more information.

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