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Turning digital images into 3D has always been a dream for us. As technology advances, this dream has been realized though 3d camera imaging. Even you and I can be a 3D image maker now, you just need to have the right equipment that can capture 3D images, in other words, a 3D camera or 3D digital camera. However, professional-grade 3D photographic equipment is still far from affordable. Fortunately, once a technology matures, it will be available for normal consumers at a more acceptable price range. 3D camera equipment is for real and Fuji just proved it by making their mark in this field on the world stage.

During PHOTOKINA 2008 in Cologne, Germany, Fujifilm announced a totally brand new product that was not seen on the market and that time and was completely different from all the Digital Imaging Systems (3D digital camera, 3D digital photo frame, 3D digital printing) This marked as a new world of digital imaging in the field. Nearly a year after this news released, the actual was finally marketed and it was the world’s first to achieve 3D imaging, it was the 3D camera FinePix REAL 3D W1.

Before the advent of Fuji’s REAL 3D imaging system, 3D images of all the system needed to have 3D glasses to deliver the 3D effect but Fuji’s REAL 3D imaging system delivers 3D images to the naked eye. As the 3D images must have the proper media to run it, the release of REAL 3D W1 Fuji was also joined with the release of digital photo frame, digital printing and other related products to improve the 3D output.

How does the 3D camera work?

Our ability to determine depth is due to viewing objects along 2 different lines of sight, or called parallax. The 3D camera is fitted with 2 lenses to mimic what the human eyes see. It features two lenses and two sensors.The dual lens with double Fuji CCD design allows not only for REAL 3D shooting, you can also press the shutter and take two different photo styles at the same time, this is something that other cameras cannot do and allows the photographer to shoot faster then determine what settings is more appropriate for the user, a very useful function. The 3D imaging works in two different angles, left and right and then by combining two pictures into a 3D photo.

Unfortunately, even though Fuji’s REAL 3D imaging system allows 3D images to be seen through our naked eye, it cannot be achieved through software on the computer. While Fuji has recently launched an upgraded version of REAL 3D W1 REAL 3D W3, it still does not address this problem.You can’t get the 3D effect from a normal PC monitor. You’ll see the photos from the left and right lens separately. That means you actually need a 3D TV to make the most of its features.

That being said, some people might think that it’s just a gimmick, especially for people without a 3D HDTV. However, the Fuji 3D camera is quite sophisticated and rather affordable for creating 3D images. Furthermore, it’s quite fun and exciting to use while showing off to your friends.

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